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Yasmine Dakhama Yasmine Dakhama (0 Posts)

Editor, Medical Student

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Born in Canada, in a Moroccan household,I sought to better understand justice and health equity after moving to the US and growing up state-side. I initially helped implement a project with the Anti-Defamation League then continued such work through helping plan annual Diversity Conferences in Colorado, which was followed by a partnership with the French Ministry of Education and working in an “Education Zone of Priority” in Torcy, France, where complex cultural issues were investigated with students, and advocacy tools were explored. I am currently attending the University of Colorado School of Medicine and am passionate to continue engaging in both discussion and action as it relates to better understanding our shared (and unique) experiences, the communities (and world) we are a part of, and how such things intertwine and inform not only our perception of the world we live in but also our concepts of advocacy, change and empowerment.