Journeys in Education

This category contains student reflections on key moments in their education that gave them new perspective and deeper insights to healthcare.

Mohamud Verjee, MD, MBA Mohamud Verjee, MD, MBA (1 Posts)

Physician Contributing Writer

Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar

A practicing family doctor, and academic family physician, Dr. Verjee initially qualified as a biochemist. Later as a medical graduate from the University of Dundee, Scotland, he completed postgraduate training as a general practitioner in England. He first started teaching medical students at Oxford University, from 1979. Migrating to Canada in 1994, he spent two years in Newfoundland and Labrador in Wilfred Grenville country before moving to Alberta, Canada. Joining the University of Calgary in 1997, he established a career in academic medicine before taking up a new faculty position in Qatar at Weill Cornell Medicine's international medical campus in 2007. He completed an MBA (Leadership & Sustainability) in 2016. An Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine, he is an alumnus of the Harvard Macy Institute, Boston, United States, a Senior Research Fellow in Psychiatry at Clare College, Cambridge, United Kingdom, and a TEDx presenter. His widespread interests include endocrinology, women’s health, vaccination and immunization, diabetes mellitus, preventable blindness, narrative medicine, and poetry. Music, both classical and hard rock, and playing his cello are part of his life.

Triple Crown

Medha Palnati describes an encounter she had with a patient who she met at the Backstretch Clinic, a clinic that serves the undocumented workers that care for the horses at the racetrack, as he was having a myocardial infarction. This encounter highlights the conversation Medha had with this patient while waiting for the ambulance to transport him to the hospital, and the solace that they found in each other in that moment.

Hannah Clarke Hannah Clarke (1 Posts)

Outreach Managing Editor

Case Western Reserve University

Hannah Clarke is a native of Philadelphia, PA but fully embraces her West Indian roots. She completed her Bachelor in French Literature and Master of Public Health at Case Western Reserve University, where she is now attending medical school. She enjoys teaching sexual & reproductive health, gardening, and cooking.