Patient Advocacy

This category contains a collection of moments students have had with their patients that helped renew their purpose in the field.

Varesh Gorabi (1 Posts)

Medical Student Contributing Writer

University of Texas Medical Branch

Varesh is a second-year medical student interested in internal medicine, neurology or pediatrics. She is passionate about intertwining medicine with the humanities and organizes poetry events at her school. She likes to write, read and photograph nature.

The Ward as Medicine

The Ward as Medicine is about how one’s fellow patients on the psychiatry ward can act as mirrors, teachers and inspirations to a patient. Specifically, it is about a mom who, hospitalized for suicidality stemming from her guilt and anger over how she has mothered her children, gets reconnected with the identity of motherhood while interacting with others on the unit.

Kayla Schmittau Kayla Schmittau (1 Posts)

Medical Student Contributing Writer

Rush Medical College

Kayla Schmittau is a third-year medical student at Rush Medical College in Chicago and is interested in pursuing a career in pediatric oncology! She is from Staten Island, NY and received her Bachelor's degree at Georgetown University. In her free time, she loves consuming and producing art and uses writing as a method by which she processes the various experiences of life and medicine.