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A Gap in the Physician-Patient Relationship (2019)

A Gap in the Physician-Patient Relationship

Zohal Ghulam-Jelani (2019)
oil paint on canvas

This painting represents a growing “discontinuity” between patients and doctors, depicted by caduceus dividing the doctor and patient. Medical providers are burdened with paperwork, long hours, less time for relaxation, family, and to recharge. The results are overworked and burnout doctors. The dangerous aspect of this is that it is harming people’s lives and not only the physician’s but also patients’ and their families as well. However there is hope, as depicted by the tree with the budding leaves, that we can systematically bring light to physician burnout and eliminate it by providing opportunities for better work-life balance, more time with patients, and less time in the office completing paperwork. Thanks for providing this platform to share stories and art.

The painting was previously published on Medscape and NAM.

Zohal Ghulam-Jelani Zohal Ghulam-Jelani (1 Posts)

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