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Saud Rehman (2 Posts)

Medical Student Contributing Writer

CUNY School of Medicine

Saud is a first generation third year medical student at the CUNY School of medicine from Brooklyn. Saud has interests in interventional radiology, patient centered care, and educational medicine. Saud uses poetry and artistic visuals as a form of expression & catharsis. His other interests include hiking, bike-riding, cooking, and basketball.


Medical student Saud Rehman has written a collection of poems focusing on the lockdown of March 2020 with artwork to give a visual representation of how he felt. Often times the manifestations of moods unrelated to coursework go overlooked, especially in medicine, and Saud hopes that these provide a representation of the humanity behind students going through difficult times.

Zohal Ghulam-Jelani Zohal Ghulam-Jelani (1 Posts)

Medical Student Contributing Writer

Albany Medical College

I was originally born in Afghanistan and lived in Russia before immigrating to the US. After spending a few years in Michigan, my family moved to Los Angeles where I attended high school and college at UCLA.