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They ask when one begins to know —

It is when the quiet feels too obtuse  

When your waking hours are much too slow 

And you loathe the aberrant trite of your recluse


Yet your only consolation is sitting alone 

But, every seat is met with a restless leg 

And every glance, a chance to see if you have grown 

We would never change, though we beg and beg


Then, we see the comfort that broke and built us tenderly

It is then that we learn to fan the fog 

Then, we feel the room to grow gratuitously 

And what you thought was the end, was simply prologue


Enjoy the feign of luxury until it comes again;

The time to forfeit your amenity and see what you gain

Image credit: Custom artwork by the author for this Mosaic in Medicine piece.

Saud Rehman (2 Posts)

Medical Student Contributing Writer

CUNY School of Medicine

Saud is a first generation third year medical student at the CUNY School of medicine from Brooklyn. Saud has interests in interventional radiology, patient centered care, and educational medicine. Saud uses poetry and artistic visuals as a form of expression & catharsis. His other interests include hiking, bike-riding, cooking, and basketball.