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When We Love

There’s this thing that I do,

That we do,


When we



When we love,

I, we…

hear but don’t see,

stand firm in the quicksand,

fight and lose simultaneously,

with or without your outstretched hand.


When we love,

it heals and it serves

and it leaps 

           and it 

                     blurs all sharp 





But for us…

But for us

What will it do?

This poem reflects one of many unhealthy relationship dynamics. This poem is not about unrequited love but instead operating within a significant imbalance. I wrote this poem with women in mind, especially women of color who are experiencing this imbalance in love. This is an imbalance in being committed to a person or people who do not recognize your value or find it necessary to acknowledge your truth, beauty, and goodness, but they will accept anything you are willing to give; this concept is not unique to romantic relationships. This imbalance can happen in friendships, family, education, work, and even in physician-patient relationships, which I believe contributes to increased health care disparity. This poem was inspired equally by the experience of the Black woman and that of the Black patient.

Image credit: Bernini, Pluto and Proserpina by Steven Zucker licensed under CC BY -NC-SA 2.0 license.

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